Spring is coming! Is GW. In artmania, KARe curry, music and art from today →? Ready to take the Vol.25 ~ mask are you OK? ♪ it starts (provisional) -

Hi there is artmania. KARe to be held from today →? Ready to take the Vol.25 ~ mask are you OK? There is a place for the second time this year as early as (provisional) -. 

I think this weekend just went on GW, and if you can enjoy music and curry, a photo exhibition. 

So, Let me show you a little of the state upon loading.

Per person of Mr. O'Hara sponsored by purchasing new equipment, enthusiasm for music also increasingly has been increased.

Taiki-kun and Aomura, who courtesy of making a DJ as well this time, I asked the sign writing.
(. Thank you for some for the gallery)

And back figure of Machii's organizer, to think of curry will Minagiri.

※ By the way, I also quite popular to seem started to come up in recent Machii today.

And curry today, green curry! We did it! !
Curry pita bread comes up, too! !

There seem to be carrying advanced dive. Will be held from 13:00.

By the way, I found a picture of my favorite, let me up.

Work full sense also other I can appreciate.

While eating curry, please throw it enjoy the music and work.

Held, will be up to May 2 from today.
Please check the following access to the gallery